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Best places to find something to read
by Hemmingway


The best international bookshop in Bangkok for the casual browser is possibly Kinokinya bookshop in the Emporium shopping mall near Sukhumwit 22. Up until a few years ago books with English content seemed to be more expensive than in the west. I am glad to say that things have changed, prices are now often below the original cover price and many of the bookshops have regular sales.

The Asia Books chain of bookstores are always worth a browse even if you only partake of the free candy on offer ( The staff are also very friendly. Another popular chain of bookstores is DK books, which is a Thai-owned company. They have a huge bookshop in the Seacon Square shopping center, but as with most of their branches, I find their organisation of categories very confusing, and their selection is mostly Thai anyway.

The large bookstore called the "Chula bookstore I think"next to the British Council in Siam Square is great, if you can stand the noise. Large and reasonably well laid out, it it the perfect place to find teaching and academic books

Something that has been much needed has now opened. Thaibrary is a new and secondhand bookstore where you can buy or rent books. Located next to the Emporium in soi 24. (

If you're a magazine fiend like me, then head for the weekend market on Saturdays or Sundays (doh!), and you'll pick up Cosmopolitans, GQs, Esquires, FHMs, and all your favourite American, and European magazines for about 100 baht a time, albeit a little out of date by a few months. You can even pick up men's magazines ( wink wink) if you stand around long enough and adopt an 'I'm only here for the men's magazines' expression.It won't be long before you're approached by a shady looking Thai gentleman. Psst Psst. The secondhand bookshops are located to the left of the main entrance, and as well as magazines there are a good selection of books on many different topics. Happy hunting

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