What is up There?

The search for Green Gold!
by Somchai


During the time I have spent in Thailand, I have seen both gents and ladies pick their noses. Lets face it, we all do it. But Thai people do it as if their life depends on it.

When we feel the urge, we discreetly find a toilet and have a rummage around up there, or quickly put the tip of our finger up our nose, even blow in a tissue. I want to heave when I see the Thais do it, anywhere is ok as long as it's public, and everybody can see it. Picking ones nose is not just restricted to Thais who live out in the boonies. Whether they are motobike taxi drivers or educated workers, a daily root around must be part of the Thai constitution.

Only last week I was on the subway, and a rather nice looking well dressed girl was sitting next to her boyfriend, when all of a sudden he placed one of his fat digets a good inch up his nose, the excavation went on for at least 30 seconds, on exiting his orifice he proceeded to inspect the green gold, I was almost heaving, just when I thought it was was over, the other hole was opened up for exploration. With great relief my station approached, and as I prepared to exit, I couldn't help myself and asked him did he find anything up there. His girlfriend started to laugh and he went red as a baboons arse.


Q: Pick the nose competition. The best picture of a Thai person picking their nose, wins 500 baht.

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