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Being a Thai celebrity is not an easy job.As in many other countries, people become mega-superstars overnight and then when their fame reaches epic proportions, the public will knock them back down to where they came from. Yes, this happens all over, but in Thailand the rises and falls seem to be that little bit more dramatic.

One thing that has always struck me is that when a person becomes a star in Thailand, they get unbelievable over-exposure. You can't turn on a TV, pick up a magazine or glance at an advertisement hoarding without seeing their flawless complexions and pearly whites. And then the bubble just seems to burst.

A fine example is Tata Young (see picture), a teenage singer and bit-movie star who became an idol to many teenagers when she was just 14. Tata has that classic combination of one Thai parent and one foreign parent, which Thais believe makes for a more attractive offspring. Now after enjoying a few years at the top(massive album sales and sell-out concerts)her fickle following have deserted her because they see Tata as being too confident and in a Thai sense, this is strictly uncool. Over the past couple of years Tata has branched out in a more international sense and along with a new set of larger breasts, her career is once again PERKING up.

Puey Porntip, the ex-miss universe, who was elevated to super-stardom in the early 90's has got herself hitched up with a foreign boyfriend and is now scorned by the people who once held her in such high esteem.

The message is clear to anyone who has aspirations of being a media star in this country. It won't be long before the gossip columnists catch up with you and rip you apart. And for the traditionally sensitive Thai character, when the mud-slinging starts,it hurts!!!

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